Rocio King

Dear Friends: I want to give you a small introduction to my career as a travel consultant.

But first I want to confide that since very young I have always been passionate to know about of other cultures, always interacting with so many people from other countries, and having the fortune and especially that it was a challenge for me to travel, it was easy to made the transition in between I was doing back in 2010 to the journey that I decided to start.

I discovered that Travel Transforms the Spirit, and giving us the opportunity to get some knowledge at the same time that we are joyful.

What is needed to be able to travel? Sometimes comes to our mind when times comes for vacations, where to go? Well, here at Spirit 4 Travel and Tours, I can help you to find the perfect destination for your next vacations to make them unforgettable!

We have different packages, if you travel with your partner, with your family or perhaps if you have a business trip, we know the importance of the organization of each moment, and especially that you have the confidence that we always put ahead of anything the total Satisfaction of our customers.

When we say Travel more For Less, is that we really fear packages to travel on a budget that fits the needs of our customers.

Tambien hablo espanol!

My World


When we think of having the best moments, always comes to our mind the family, with which we counted in any situation, for that reason is that it is so important to make plans for vacations with our family.


My friends are those who accept me as I am, I always enjoy every moment I step next to them, look for the time to share with friends, is gratify.

Always I love spend long period of time with my best friends.


Memories of coexistence between our colleagues are always reflected as good team and especially when it is a group where cordiality and positivism predominate. Trips that aim to enrich our knowledge, about very best destinations and so we can please our customers more when they come to us for the travel advice.

Thank You For Visiting

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